Better Together Sermon Series-Spring 2015

Better-Together-3-blue-yellowThe Spring Sermon series for 2015 is entitled: Better Together. As has been the custom for the past several years, there is a small group study component to the series. You are encouraged to form or join a small group and use the following study guides to help guide your discussion during the week prior to the sermon on Sabbath. Study guides for both adult-oriented and family-oriented study groups will be posted here as the series progresses.

Adult Study Group Guides

01_Godly Mentors_for March 21

02_Discipling_for March 28

03_Good Friends_for April 4

04_Friends for Mission_for April 11

05_Faithful Friends_for April 18

06_Friends in Mission_for April 25


Family Study Group Guides

01Family Study Guide for March 14

02Family Study Guide for March 21

03Family Study Guide for March 28

04Family Study Guide for April 4

05Family Study Guide for April 11

06Family Study Guide for April 18

07Family Study Guide for April 25